Marissa is a theater creator & director who focuses on contemporary, devised, and immersive theater. She has directed at the American Repertory Theater and Boston Conservatory at Berklee; as well as for her company, ToUch Performance Art. As a director, Marissa aims to create multimedia experiences that push boundaries of traditional theater while engaging in thought provoking storytelling. 



ToUch Performance Art
Boston, MA — OBERON
New York City, NY — House of YES, Santos Party House, Le Poisson Rouge, DROM
Syracuse, NY — Le Moyne College

Furthermore, by experimenting with the boundaries of theater and performance art, ‘AcousticaElectronica’ created a unique experience for the audience, both intimate and exciting. Performers executed graceful acrobatics on trapezes and ribbons in between the storytelling vignettes, recalling a disco-esque Cirque du Soleil. Meanwhile, the dance floor setting allowed for immersive, creative staging that employed every corner of the room, from the mezzanine to the actual stage itself. Such endeavors to transform storytelling were the greatest success of ‘AcousticaElectronica’.
— The Harvard Crimson


Searching for signal

ToUch Performance Art
Boston, MA — OBERON

The show’s real strengths — aside from its talented cast, who turn in one moving and memorable number after the next — lie with the creative team.
— Edge Media


Or what you will

ToUch Performance Art
Boston, MA — OBERON

Marissa Rae Roberts directs the piece with a keen eye towards furthering the story with enough detail to satisfy audience members keen on following the original story, while whetting our appetites for some of our tween favorites.
— My Entertainment World


Proclamation: borders and boundaries

American Repertory Theater
Boston, MA — OBERON, The Institute of Contemporary Art


PROCLAMATION 4: BORDERS / BOUNDARIES — American Repertory Theater
THE DONKEY SHOW — American Repertory Theater (Associate Resident Director)
SEARCHING FOR SIGNAL — ToUch Performance Art
SEXYBACK: OR WHAT YOU WILL — ToUch Performance Art